About the Tutorials

After I left Walt Disney Animation Studios back in 2007, I began working on the most complete animation training program ever. I recorded myself animating 18 shots from a beginner level all the way up to Advanced Dialog shots.

First I wanted to show you how to approach these 18 shots in 2D, using Digicel Flipbook explaining "Pose to Pose and Straight Ahead" techniques as well as overlapping actions, body reversals, keys, breakdowns and inbetweens, antics, squash and stretch etc. Then moving over to Maya to get that illusive fluidity that 2D has into your CG character rigs.

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Basic Tutorials

In this series of Tutorials, I take you through all the principles of animation and putting them to work in real animation assignments. I animate each assignment in 2D first and then translate that into CG with the Boris Rig. We will work through timing, spacing, squash, stretch, overlapping actions, body reversals, weight, slows in and outs etc. Each Tutorial builds from the first assignment to the last so we can understand exactly how each technique is used. You can purchase the complete set through the store.

Videos in the set: Bouncing Ball | Walk | Jump | Run | Skip | Sidestep

Intermediate Tutorials

In this series of tutorials, we really kick our shots up a notch in complexity to show how we apply the basic principles to advanced body mechanics. You can purchase the complete set through the store.

Videos in the set: Guy on a ball | High dive | Jump in perspective | Run to fast run | Tennis Serve | Weight push

Advanced Tutorials

In these advanced assignments, we are now adding dialog and acting. Now we have to give our performance emotion and character. I will also show you how to get subtle acting in between the lines of dialog to keep the character alive. You can purchase the complete set through the store.

Videos in the set: Shot 1: Pantomime | Shot 2: Dialog | Shot 3: Dialog | Shot 4: Physical Motion | Shot 5: Walk and talk | Shot 6: Subtle acting with gesture

Four Legged Tutorial Series

In this series, Jason covers how he approaches animating four legged actions from concept to completion. Just like in his other tutorials, he starts from scratch and animate each action in 2D for every single frame. So whether you are doing your shots in 2D, CG, or Stop-Motion you will be able to follow along from the Blocking stage all the way through to adding overlap on tails and ears. Available in the Store.

Videos in the set: Bi-ped & Quadruped | Four legged walk | Dino cartoony walk | The Trot | Four legged run | Four legged rat run
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