Webinar Series 4: Mechanics to Music

fundamentalsWhat's the JRA Series 4 all about?

Hi everyone, we're going to continue our JRA demos with a new series entitled "Mechanics to Music". In this 10 part series, I animated live for 2 hours and animating a shot in each 2 hour session for a total of 10 weeks. This was all set to an original rock song by my band Dark Chapter.  These broad mechanic type shots consisted of intense acting and included dramatic moving cameras.  

The story idea is that a woman is having a nightmare of being chased by a creature.  In order to keep our chase sequence really believable, I tried to keep the motion on the more naturalistic side.  This was a good example of how I use live action reference to help push my ideas forward but not slavishly copy it frame by frame.

These are available for download now through the store by adding 'Webinar Series 4' to the cart.

All the very best.....J

How will JRA Series 4 work?

  • In this 10 week series we will be starting July 20th 2013 from 10am until 12pm (PST or GMT -8) and continue for 10 weeks until September 21st, 2013.

How much does it cost and what do we get with the Series 4?

  • The price will be $99 for the full 10 part series. All the Quicktimes will be available for download the day after each class. So even if you miss the live sessions, you will be able to see the entire class recording.

Can I ask questions before or after each session ends?

  • Yes, I'm very open to answer any questions before, during and/or after, so feel free, this is your series.

I'm currently attending iAnimate.net, can I join?

  • Yes, you will get this free as a supplement to your studies.

Is there a limited amount of spots?

  • There is a limited number of spots for the Live Sessions, but you can always get the downloads afterwards.

Okay, I'm in....how do I sign up?

  • Just add 'Webinar Series 4' to your cart in the Store and proceed with the check out.

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