Teamate Training

Learn how Senior Dreamworks Animator Jamaal Bradley uses reference, thumbnails, analyzes dialogue, breaks down poses, and takes a shot all the way 'to final'. "From Planning to Polish" is a step by step, 3 part video that takes you all the way from the planning phases of acting, down to the finished dialogue. This is a fun and educational video that will be an ongoing resource. You will get 8 Steps of Working Through Your Shot (3 Part Video).

1. Description of the shot launch in production | 2. Analyzing your dialogue | 3. Making Useful Thumbnails | 4. Creating & Using Reference | 5. Blocking (Posing the Character for acting and appeal) | 6. Tie Down (Spline Pass #1) | 7. Final Polish (Spline Pass #2) | 8. Facial Refinement

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Body Mechanics Shot Walk Through training with Mike Walling, Animator at DreamWorks SKG. From Basic Planning through Polish. (Thanks to Olivier Ladeuix for the French translation

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Overlapping Action with character TOTS (Thing On The Spring). In this one hour four minute shot walkthrough Mike covers all of the basic principles that make a shot work successfully along with overlapping action that takes place in things like hair and how it moves secondary to the character's base movements. Available in the Store.

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Robb Pratt - Storyboard Webinars

Robb has designed a series of Ten Webinars that will take us in depth from the scripting process, thumbnailing, boarding, pitching, all the way through to drawing for animation. This series of webinars will be great if you are just getting into animation and developing shots for showreels or short film development, or even if you are a professional animator like myself and wanting to know more about the storyboarding process. The webinars are designed to run from the beginning of the process until the end, so I fully recommend attending the full series.

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This webinar talks about what the story process is for the Storyboard Artist. There are specifics things that all stories need, whether it be a short film or a full length Feature production.

"Breaking down the story BEFORE you begin to draw" will be about the process of preparing to begin your storyboard by studying your script, identifying story problems, creating master set-ups, and developing a "bird's-eye-view' of your scene so you can come up with a game plan before you begin to draw. The universal storyboard artists' problem of wanting to jump in and start your board before you are ready because of the ticking clock of production makes this webinar one of the most crucial in the series. Preparation actually saves time when done properly, but learning how to prepare is one of the most difficult, yet important concepts to grasp.

This webinar will cover the basic building blocks of staging a visual story in a way that the audience is conditioned to view it. We will touch upon revolutionary examples from television and film that set up the rules for clean staging, allowing the viewer to take in the story without feeling bogged down by it's logic. Robb also has prepared some fantastic handouts to help illustrate webinar.

In this June webinar, "Drawing and Composition for Storyboarding", we'll discuss how drawings are used to tell a story, and how simple perspective tricks can help you communicate your camera angles with believability. We'll also go over the terminology of camera angles and moves, and shed light on how each composition can be used to most effectively tell your story.

In this webinar, we'll discuss how to compose your shots in order to guide your viewers' focus in the clearest, most entertaining way, allowing them to engage in your story with minimal distraction.

I'll discuss how to build rhythm in your story telling by having your shots build into each other and work off of each other like a great musical score. I'll also go over fundamental cutting - how motivated cuts and camera moves make for good story flow.

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Webinar Series 5

Webinar Series 5: Shots for Reels

Hi everyone, sorry for the long absence, I have been busy animating on Walt Disney Studios latest movie "Big Hero 6", working on Demo / Lectures for my iAnimate students and also working on music for a live action movie that will be coming out in August called "37".

I'm so excited about this latest webinar series 5 "Shots 4 Reels". All the webinars and tutorials have been leading up to this one series. The number one question from animators both professional and students: "what are studios looking for in a reel?" The answer isn't as simple as doing good animation anymore, they want to see great animation throughout your entire reel.

But there are hidden factors that are also just as important, they want to see different styles of animation, your sense of entertainment, attention to detail, sophistication of movement, appeal and polish. These days to break into the industry the level of work has to be at a feature level...period. Actually, it has to be better than most shots you see in features because in movies the average individual shot is quite short in length and doesn't have a beginning, middle and end.

In this 10 week series, we will be designing Shots 4 Reels. Let me explain a little further, I have been animating on features now for almost 22 years and some features may not give me a showreel type shot...what?. This is still the most fun job in the world, but at this stage in my life, I need to be fulfilled creatively so I really enjoy designing and animating my own shots in my spare time. I get jazzed and excited about creating and tackling shots that I haven't done yet. This satisfies my seemingly never ending thirst for creativity. I love to create shots that both challenge me and force me out of my comfort zone. When I'm animating my own work, I don't want to compromise quality because of deadlines and quotas and neither should you. Speed, deadlines and quotas will all come later, in our showreels we want quality over quantity every one will care how long it took you to do an awesome shot. The number one concern is that you can bring your overall level up to a feature standard.

In this newest series, we will be designing and animating four completely different shots for our showreels. The webinar series will be recorded and streamed using Zoom. This new Zoom system has infinitely better streaming and crystal clear audio and the dowload will be available later that day. You can watch, listen and ask as many questions as you want while we work through the shots. The individual shots will be 10 seconds or more each and will in compass everything we want to see in a showreel type shot. I will also be giving you examples of shots to choose from if you want to follow along. I'm really excited about this series in particular because it will help demystify the process for everyone and put you on the right track for creating your reel.

When I think of body mechanic showreel shots, I see them almost as dance routines like that of a gymnast, dancer or ice skater. They need to get their routines perfect, but they must contain certain qualities to get the highest score by a panel of judges. If your current showreel shots are lacking in certain body mechanic qualities or doesn't really show off your talents as an animator...take it off your reel. These lack luster shots will only hurt your overall chances of getting hired. The same quality points goes for professional animators like myself too. The required quality of animation is growing so much that we also need to purge our earlier work and update our reels to help us improve. Recruiters always look for the weaknesses in your work and if there are holes in your mechanics or acting, they will find it. But I always say, as a student or professional, your options for designing awesome showreel shots are limitless. The thought of creating new original pieces really gets me excited. Throughout this series, I will walk you through every part of my process that I use when deciding on acting, action, gestures, texture and rhythm and of-course believability all while trying to avoid the ever expanding number of cliché bag of tricks.

This particular webinar series will begin on Saturday August 9th and will continue for 10 weeks, we will get together live from 8am to 10am - California time. The price of entry is is just $59.99 - that's only $6 per 2 hour class. I'm making the price super affordable because I want to reach as many animators as possible to help steer you in the right direction. And if that's not enough to get you excited, you will also get my full package of Tutorials ($100 value) for free. iAnimate students get the recordings and Tutorials for free with your September enrollment so no need to purchase.

These are available for download now through the store by adding 'Webinar Series 5' to the cart.


How much does it cost and what do we get with the Series 5?

The price will be $59.99 for the full 10 part series. All the Quicktimes will be available for download the day after each class. So even if you miss the live sessions, you will be able to see the entire class recording. Along with the JRA series 5, you also get the full JRA Tutorial package.

Okay, I'm do I sign up?

Just add 'Webinar Series 5' to your cart in the Store and proceed with the check out.

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Webinar Series 4

Webinar Series 4

Hi everyone, we're going to continue our JRA demos with a new series entitled "Mechanics to Music". In this 10 part series, I animated live for 2 hours and animating a shot in each 2 hour session for a total of 10 weeks. This was all set to an original rock song by my band Dark Chapter. These broad mechanic type shots consisted of intense acting and included dramatic moving cameras.

The story idea is that a woman is having a nightmare of being chased by a creature. In order to keep our chase sequence really believable, I tried to keep the motion on the more naturalistic side. This was a good example of how I use live action reference to help push my ideas forward but not slavishly copy it frame by frame.These are available for download now through the store by adding 'Webinar Series 4' to the cart.

How much does it cost and what do we get with the Series 4?

The price will be $99 for the full 10 part series. All the Quicktimes will be available for download the day after each class. So even if you miss the live sessions, you will be able to see the entire class recording.

Okay, I'm do I sign up?

Just add 'Webinar Series 4' to your cart in the 'Store' and proceed with the check out.

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Webinar Series 3

Webinar Series 3

When I started my Tutorials and Webinars back in 2007, I focused mainly on students that were comfortable technically with Maya. Over the last few years since starting, I have received so many emails asking about how a beginner with no experience can get started in animation. I have now designed an awesome 8 week series, where I went through everything I know about Maya and how I use it to animate. This webinar series will take you from the very basics of animating in Maya, including navigating the interface, preferences, useful plugins, parenting, referencing, hot keys, graph editor, editing shelves and tons more. We will also be going over the some very useful mel scripts to make your experience in learning animation so much easier. I always find video tutorials way easier to follow than going through "how to" books. With this webinar series, you will get to download and keep the quicktimes to refer back to as many times as you need. Available for download now through the store.

How will JRA Series 3 work?

In this 8 week series we will get together twice a week - on a Monday and a Wednesday, starting on May 6th, 2013, from 12pm to 1pm (PST or GMT -8). The first Monday class of the week will be a live 45 minute lecture with 15 min QA and the following Wednesday class will be a 45 minute live demo and 15min QA so that we can see everything in action and more importantly how it relates to animation.

Will this teach me everything I need to do the Workshops?

Absolutely, the main point of this series is to prepare you for so that you can then concentrate on perfecting your animation rather than being handcuffed by technical software issues.

How much does it cost and what do we get with the Series 3?

The price will be $199 for the full 8 weeks. All the quicktimes will be available for download the day after each class. So even if you miss the live sessions, you will be able to see the entire class recording. Also included with the JRA Series 3 will be my entire set of JRA Tutorials AND my character rig "Boris" so that you can practice the lessons at home. There will also be handouts so that you can refer to the pre-typed notes as you practice.

Is this Series actually part of the workshop?

No, this is a Jason Ryan webinar series, but it will give you a taste of what the live weekly demo are like at

I just bought your full Tutorial Bundle for $100, can I join?

Yes, you only need to spend $99 more for the series and we'll get you signed up and squared away.

Okay, I'm do I sign up?

Just add 'Webinar Series 3' to your cart in the Store and proceed with the check out.

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